Precision-constructed of only the finest warranted materials, and with a wonderfully simple mechanical movement, the “LIV” Copper-plate Printing Press is an exceptional machine giving an astonishingly true reproduction from the plates, and other etchings.

Many well-known artists from Italy and other European as well as Extra-european countries use this press to their entire satisfaction; it is an unreplaceable equipment for high schools and other art schools and is used - especially in the motor-driven models – by the most equipped art printing-offices.

A unique product






Veronica Longo docente,artista e gallerista ha testato la robustezza del nostro torchio calcografico mod.LIV73 presente nel suo studio.





Febbraio 2021

Studio dell'artista Rik Olson . Occidental -California 

Stati Uniti d'America


 Opera dell'artista Rik Olson













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